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“The first room. A real classic with the atmosphere of a horror movie.”

You become conscious in an old and dirty room. No clue how you have come here. There is a crazy game going on and you are just in the middle:

„Hello! I wanna play a game. You have done so many evil things in your life, that now it’s time to be punished. You have 60 minutes to escape before the poisonous gas spreads the room until it reaches a deadly concentration level. The rules are simple. Open the locks and solve the tasks inside. If you have solved the right task, you will find something that will lead you out from the room. If your time is up, the gas will kill you all and I will use your dead bodies for the next game. If you dare to try to break the locks open I will increase the amount of gas immediately. Don’t forget, that I keep my eyes on you. Let the game begin”

The Jigsaw in Arrabona is based on the games and experience of first escaping room. Having all the charm and long history for this one room. It’s a must for any new players and for fanatics also.

There is infra panel heating in the room, but still we advice to get dressed warmly during winter time.


A short summary of the game:

Game language: english/hungarian

The maximum number of participants is 9, which is not recommended! Trails are best enjoyed with 2-4 people! All tracks are for children over 8 years old and accompanied by an adult, except for the Secrets of the pathologist 18+ escape room, where the age limit is 18+ on special request with an adult 16+.

60 minutes game time

Address: 9021 Győr, Bajcsy-Zsilinszy út 9.