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Which payment method provides 5% discount?

Bank card payment in advance provides 5% discount.

We are a few people less/more than indicated in the booking.

No problem, no need to rebook or call, the number of people you gave when you’ve made the booking is only indicative. It’s enough to find out the exact number on the spot. You can pay the extra members by cash at the place if you repaid the others already (normal price is valid for 2-6 person).

How should we dress?

Best to dress comfortably and be prepared that in the basement the temperature is always low and there is no central heating.

How can I delete my booking?

Please delete your booking via the verification email you got after booking.

Can we park in the street?

Yes, on both sides in Bajcsy-Zsilinszky street. It’s payment zone, please be aware.

What about pregnant women and those with heart condition? Is there any contraindication?

Absolutely no contraindications. This game is not about scaring the hell out of you. However if you have a heart condition, please advise, so we can be aware of it. Only exception is the “Secrets of the pathologist” room in Győr which is a real horror flat, please avoid this game.

When should we arrive?

It’s enough to come for the booking time, operator will come also then.

How should I book for the 120 minutes "maratoni" game?

Bank card payment in advance provides 5% discount.

Where should we book to experience real horror escape room?

Secrets of the pathologist is the only real, frightening horror game in Győr.

How can I pay in Győr at the place?

At the place only by cash or prepaid voucher. At the booking there is option for bank card payment also.

Can I come with children to play?

Yes, all games can be played by children also from the age of 8 (with adult). Secrets of the pathologist is the only real, frightening horror game which can be playes above 16 year (with adult) and only at your own responsibility.

How can I buy voucher?

At voucher menu on the website.

Where can I find my picture taken in the escape room?

This is the link: Photos are uploaded about monthly.

Former and is the same company and game is unchanged?

Yes, same company, same games (some improvements), only the webpage and name renewed for marketing reasons.